Welcome to the new and third IE 3 test, this time is for ALL versions of IE 3!
In this IE Test, we will be testing IE 3's ACTUAL support for gifs!
With that said, lets get with the new and improved website/subsite page!


Thanks to RetroSite, I got this idea to do IE Tests! This is a link to the Escargot Discord. (DOES NOT WORK ON OLD BROWSERS OR OLD SYSTEMS) A link to The Old Net, which is where all of the images come from. A link to AIM Pheonix, run by Wildman Productions. A link to Y!2, also run by Wildman Productions.

Random Words from Looginator, the website/subsites creator.

Hello! I am Looginator, and thanks for seeing this website/subsite! I just wanna say THANKS! for the people who inspired me to do IE Tests! and some random people who deserver a honor for doing something that changed my life. JarHead, the creator of RetroSite, For being a good CEO and a great person to work with. walkingphasers, Person on the Escargot Discord server, for always bringing good advice to everyone who nedded it. CUKESIM, the person who thinks i'm a person who was a bad person, for teaching me to NOT bring up people someone thinks is bad, for then they will think that YOU'RE the same person. Even if you're CLEARY not.

And that's it! Thank you for checking out this website/subsite, and remember... Good Vibes for all!