Vector 4

Say hello, to the new Gag.gag Vector 4, a phone, made the Gag.gag way. We don't care if you bought a chinese phone, a korean phone, or a american phone made by a fruit, Get us.


It has a Awooga alarm... It's from Blockland, wait, it's from WWII? shit.

20 megapixel QUAD-RUPLE camera we totally didn't took from fruits, 20 x 4 = 80.

Android, beep boop. Linux-based, yes.

Not optimized for ChangeMySoftware? Not Pedrox-approved!

12000 miliamp battery for people who use their phones like drugs ;)

Works with Crysis.


Yes, that's all we have. thank you, get the vector 4, for 750$,


You want chinese? Goddamnit, THAT BATTERY WILL BREAK IN 20 HOURS >:(

You want fruits? Overpriced, goddamnit.


Hey, where's MY MONEY, ok, let me advertise it EVERYWHERE, and on YouTube. GET THIS, GODDAMN PHONE, FOR 500$


wait, that doesn't work?

buy one for 250$ and get the other one for free :)





(FUCK) 6969 gag.gag pixel 4, all rights in the fucking leftversed by gag.gag HAHAhahHahhahaHaHaHahahhahah