Here's the history for the freebuilds.

Mid-201? (2017? 2018?): Chazpelo's Modded Freebuild

I only have vague memories of this server, it was hosted sometime in the mid-late-2010s (around mid-2017 to around mid-2018).

The server used the Roblox 2008 colorset, and was prematurely shutdown due to a "flamethrower" addon that was accidently enabled after private testing, which caused buildings to get greifed. I didn't knew about Dedicated then, so it was just hosting it with a standard client. I also spammed some random print that I got from some random website, which was cringy tbh. I do not have the files for this anymore, as I didn't cared about backupping more than what I do now.

Early-to-Mid-2019: Chazpelo's Amazing Freebuild (AFB)

The server was started during Super Bowl LIII. In it's very early days (Early-February 2019), it was hosted on a lame Dell laptop, which had a lame Intel iGPU. I still didn't knew about dedicateds at this point, so it was still hosting clientlly. Due to how large the save was becoming, it was later moved into being hosted on my 2012 Gaming PC, I begun expriementing with timelapses, and figured out how to make a dedicated (it wasn't running 24/7, though). The server ended up being rebranded into AFB, and was shutdown in March 2019, only to be brought back for a day in July 2019 (around when r2000 came out), but was shutdown after that. I don't remember having AFB hosted on my Acer, though.

Mid-2020: SlyAlligator's Freebuild and Chit Chat

I ended up not hosting it on v21 due to all of the changes making it dependent on Steam. The server was first open in early-July on B4v21, and was originally open just for a timelapse expriement, however, due to the 3rd B4v21 Annual Anniversary event, it ended up being open until the end of the event (around late-July), after which, the server was shutdown, only to be brought back up for testing a new colorset, and for New Years 2021. (Planned, schedule might change.)