Background: ChazizYT is a semi-active obscure YouTube channel run by a kid from south-western Quebec. It was first launched in September 27th 2015, it was originally a French-Canadian tutorial channel. However has changed into a English-Canadian tech/gaming/animation channel. The channel took a year-long hiatus in 2017 but has returned to make content from time to time.

Disclaimer: The availability is based on how many videos it appeared on (It does not include the videos that only have the logos). It's different than most logos,

1st Logo (March 12, 2016)

Nicknames: "Jumping Robloxian" "The beginning of the Rocky Robloxian" "Rushed Intro"

Logo: We see a old Robloxian with a noob color-scheme on the famous Bliss image from Windows XP, The robloxians jumps, which makes the screen bright and it shows a Windows 10 Hero Wallpaper (no longer current, i think) and another Robloxian falls, It's Chaziz's infamous Rocky avatar, albeit in a different t-shirt and with Robloxian 2.0. We see "Chazpelo" on the bottom and it rotates.

Music/Sounds: The 1972 WTOP-TV 9 theme, but it's higher pitch.

Availability: Extinct, Was shortly replaced with the next logo

Editor's Note: The Rocky Robloxian character was planned to be a villain on The Adventures of Several Robloxians according to a cancelled draft. It is uncertain if this idea will be used again. Also, It's the only Chaziz video to have a recommended list full of videos for little kids, possibly due to the tags being slightly related to Paw Patrol (verify that)


2nd Logo (April 16, 2016)

Nicknames: "Jumping Robloxian II" "Rocky turns Blocky"

Logo: See above.

Music/Sounds: The 1972 WTOP-TV 9 theme, but it's vocoded

Availability: Extinct. It was shortly replaced with the 3rd logo almost two weeks later.

Editor's Note: Despite being replaced with the next logo, It's a improvement from the first. Replacing the flawed Green Screen with a Blue Screen.


3rd Logo (April 30, 2016-December 2016)

Nicknames: "Exploding Chazpelo" "Rocky Strikes Back!" "Vocoded After School Special.ogg, featuring Chazpelo."


Logo: We see a dark wallpaper with blue neon hexagons, "Chazpelo" appears with a green screen Minecraft explosion. The text is moved downwards and the logo turns into "Chazpelo". The Rocky Robloxian with the design introduced in the 2nd logo, falls and the text rotates.

Variants: Chazpelo Randomly Plays had the logo extended, "Chazpelo" is moved a bit higher and "Randomly Plays" appears while moving upwards. A later variant replaces the sloppy fade out with a 3D Fly Out Transition from Sony Vegas. Another variants exists, which is a very short version, It's a still image of the normal logo, However "Chazpelo" is moved towards the middle and rotates in 3D before disappearing.

Music/Sounds: After School Special, from the dying game Blockland, but it's vocoded

Music/Sounds Variant(s): A later version of this logo changed the soundtrack into a a 8-bit Bomb-omb Battlefield remix. the Chazpelo Randomly Plays variant of the logo has a different vocoded After School Special theme, however later versions of it used the already-mentioned 8-bit remix.

Availability: Very Rare, bordering on Extinct. Chaziz appears to be have unlisted Chazpelo Randomly Plays: Baby Hazel Funtime and even if he reuploads it. The logo may be plastered with the current Chaziz one.


4th Logo (December 24th, 2016)

Nicknames: "Roblox-font Chazpelo" "Hiatus Chazpelo" "Rocky is gone! (CRAB RAVE, even though it's a dead meme)"

Logo: The logo abandons the infamous Rocky Robloxian and the background, follows the tradition of the first 3 logos, is a Windows wallpaper! The colors go into this greenish hue. The "Chazpelo" name appears, albeit with a different font based on the 2015-2017 ROBLOX logo.

Music/Sounds: A vocoded sound from Outlook (i think).

Availability: Extinct, Would have been more common if Chaziz ever uploaded videos in 2017 and the videos from said-year weren't cancelled. But was only used once.

Editor's Note: The logo may surprise some people if they were expecting the earlier logos.


5th Logo (January 2018)

Nickname: "Prototype Chaziz Logo"

Logo: We see "chazpelo" but it's in Topeka, the logo used for the Bing logo.

Availability: Extinct. This was only seen once in The Adventures of Several Robloxians' "The Big TV Bang".

Editor's Note: Despite the video using it being released in April Fools of 2018, That video started production in January but had to be delayed for personal reasons. When all of the lines were fixed up to remove the parrot sounds, Chaziz forgot to change the "chazpelo" name to "chaziz"


6th Logo (June 2018-current)

Nickname: "Bingiz"

Logo: See above, but the text is "chaziz".

Availability: Current. Uncommon if it has no colors. Rare if it has the Bing color scheme. In fact some videos don't include the Topeka font at all.

Variants: click here

Editor's Note: Despite the logo being the current one, It is confusing on why this logo isn't seen that much. The last time it was seen was in the highly controversal video The problem with MessengerGeek. However then, that could be pushed a bit earlier to a cancelled Baldi special if the MessengerGeek video gets deleted.